We Haven't Even Got to the Pretty Part

Today I had coffee with an old friend who told me a story about my mother that was new to me. My friend had never been to a ballet before, so one year, Mom and I decided to take her to see Nutcracker.

In the party scene, as everyone is dancing around the Christmas tree, my friend reached over and whispered to my mother, "Oh, Mary, it's so pretty."

Mama patted her on the arm and said, "Just you wait, honey. We haven't even got to the pretty part yet."

Mom's 78th Birthday

I loved hearing that story about my mom--especially at this time in my life when change seems to be the greatest constant. Change and love. I can feel that surety coming straight from my mother. I almost feel her patting my arm.  You think this is great? You ain't seen nothing yet!

I've made some  major changes that I want to tell you about. Tuesday the 24th was my final day at Nueva Street Gallery. As I've said many times, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I was given to show my photos at Susan Carlin Art Studio and at Nueva Street. It was a gas!

For now, you can always find me online, and I will, of course, keep you informed about any shows or events where you can see me or my photographs face-to-face.

I've begun work on my latest series, My San Antonio. I have lived in and loved San Antonio for most of my life, and it seems only right that I should show you all what I see in its streets and through its people.

You'll be hearing from me soon. Don't forget to mark your calendars for Windows on Main on Saturday the 4th and Schertz Market Dayz on Sunday the 5th!

Love, Light, and Laughter,

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  1. In the teary mood I am in this evening, this absolutely beautiful story brought more tears to my eyes. So lovely, your mom was....you, my dear, come by this naturally!!
    "We haven't even got to the pretty part yet."
    How wonderful is that to keep in mind all the time!!!
    thanks for sharing that Karen....