Missions of San Antonio

The city of San Antonio is known for The Alamo, a Franciscan Mission that became a famous battle ground. Less known and often ignored by locals and tourists alike, are the four other missions along the San Antonio River that helped to create the city of San Antonio. They are places that I find spiritually fulfilling and renewing. You should visit them soon!

Native Spirit
Mission San Juan Capistrano

This statue stands directly in front of the mission church at San Juan. I do not know if this is a native-inspired representation of the Virgin Mary, or if she is simply the statue of a woman. I do know that she gives me a sense of peace. That's enough for me.

Mission San Jose
The repetition of this image draws me in--in life we walk through areas of shadow and light, shadow and light, until we reach the destination. That destination is often hidden from us, but I  choose to think it is a clear and sunny place.

All Ways Lead to the Center
Mission Concepcion
This corridor at Concepcion connects several rooms to the mission Church. Many of the rooms are connected internally, as well, so that all the doors lead to the same place of silent contemplation. I know that all of the paths I have taken all of the doors I have entered, have been a part of my own spiritual awakening. 
All ways lead to the center; all ways lead to the soul.

Window and Ladder
Mission San Jose
Mission San Jose was also one of the biggest forts in the area. I can imagine soldiers standing guard at this very window.

Ruined Chambers
Mission ConcepciĆ³n 
This view of the mission shows some of the surrounding ruins. It is wonderful to wander through and think of the people who used to work and play and worship in this community.
Mission ConcepciĆ³n 
These stairs lead from the back door of the church near the sacristy to what used to be the infirmary for the mission. They are deep with significance for me--climbing out of the darkness and into the light.

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