My San Antonio

I have lived in San Antonio most of my life, and I love nothing more than to act as an unofficial tour guide to folks. This is one of the reasons I take so many pictures of the missions. But there is more to San Antonio than the missions and the riverwalk, as lovely as they are.

The following are the first few photos in my new series, My San Antonio.

The Sunshine Factory

For years, I did not know what this building was, but every time I drive by it, I had to slow down and look hard. Something about this neglected building that claims Sunshine as its name (or product) calls to me. It turns out that this is the back of the Sunshine Cleaners. Works for me!

Mexican Manhattan

This restaurant on Solidad, about block away from the Bexar County Courthouse,  is a popular lunch spot for people on a break from jury duty or from a downtown business. I've seen this sign since I was a child, and it seems to me that it has always looked just this run down.I understand that I am wrong, and the Mexican Manhattan was once fine dining. It's still a great place to get an enchilada plate!

Flying Fish

In 2010, San Antonio opened the Museum Reach of its famous Riverwalk.The new section goes north from downtown as far as the old Pearl brewery. Each bridge along the extension has an art instillation. This bridge, with its flying fishes is one of my favorites. 


I saw this while walking The Museum Reach. It may not be an art instillation, but it was found art to me! After all, communication is what it's all about.

The McNay Art Museum in San Antonio has a large grounds with several lovely sculptures. This one gives me peace whenever I look at her. 

Crepe Myrtle at Sunset Ridge

Recently I went to dinner with some friends at the lovely Twin Sisters Bakery and Cafe. When we left the restaurant, I was struck with the view of this severely-trimmed Crepe Myrtle under a streetlight. It took my breath away.

                          A Winter's Evening
                     in Southtown

Each of these photos is available in standard sizes matted or matted and framed. They are also available as greeting cards (minimum order of 4). Please contact me HERE if you wish to order any of these photos.