On the Road in Texas

Joni Mitchell sings that she "gets the urge for going."  I think that's true for all of us--it is for me, certainly. I feel fortunate that Texas is such a beautiful and varied place to "go."

God's Back Yard
Willow City 

Willow City, Texas is one of the places photographers and flower lovers travel to in the spring. This year, after a wonderfully rainy winter, the wildflowers in the hill country are glorious. 

I found this wonderful parts yard during one of those I just feel like driving drives just before Christmas. It was on the road between San Antonio and Floresville. 

November Field
Blanco, TX

I love to drive in the Fall. Almost every field is full of great bales of golden hay. Shining in the sun, the hay makes it possible to imagine how the Brothers Grimm could write about spinning straw into gold.

Peace Like a River
Frio River
Concan, TX

This spring-fed river is as clear and clean as it was when I visited as a child; it is definitely a place to refill and recharge the soul.  And it lives up to the name Frio. Brr!

Near the Lavender Fields
Blanco, TX
One day I got lost on my way home from the lavender farms near Blanco. While trying to find my way back to the main highway, I ran into this fine fellow. No drive in the hill country is wasted.

Wash Day
Castroville, TX
I found this little barn while looking for flowers to photograph in Castroville. While I love the iconic country feel of this image, it does make me wonder: what does anybody need with so many wash tubs?

Texas Red
I came upon this field of poppies and this old red Ford at a restaurant just outside of Utopia, TX. Utopia is one of my favorite places--it couldn't be just because of the name, now, could it? 

I saw this lucky fellow at Corpus Christi Bay one late afternoon. Now this is the life.

I saw this lovely piece of wood at Padre Island National Seashore. They have some of the finest beaches that I have ever visited.

Here Comes the Sunflower
Blanco, TX
I've had a lot of fun playing with this image. It started with sticking the camera under a flower, auto-focusing, and taking a shot. I couldn't be happier with the sense that the sunflower is emerging from darkened clouds.

In the Spring, I love to wander around to photograph the wild flowers.This simple daisy is one of my favorites; it symbolizes an open heart and a willingness to live and love simply.

Where There's A Will. . .
The Texas Hill Country has very little top soil, so our flowers must be hearty and imaginative to survive.

Making Tracks Together
The Kemp's Ridley Turtle is an endangered species, so the rangers at the Padre Island National Seashore protect the eggs of the turtles from other animals (especially humans) until the young turtles are ready to release into the sea. It is quite a moving experience to watch these tiny creatures race to the shore and begin to swim into the wild ocean.
Summer's Evening

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