2011: The Year of Love

I have always thought of love in terms of that which is outside me--in terms of the people and the animals I love. In terms of food, and writing, and the art I love. But the other day, as I was reading, I came upon that truism that I love to hate: you can only understand and experience love to the degree that you love yourself.

Oh, dear god, how I hate to hear that. 

But I think that the breakdown/spiritual awakening I experienced last year has prepared me to deal with this truth. 

This is the year I learn to love. 

I will become a better lover. Of myself. Of life. Of beauty. Of animals. Of friends. And even romantically, should that happen. Romance, however, is not my goal. Love is. 

Love, light, and laughter to all of you in 2010!


  1. Having struggled with that truth my whole life, I'm looking forward to reading about your journey. Sending you love...