South Side of San Antonio

 Sunday afternoon, I decided to head out to the river near Espada Damn. It's a wonderful place to just be. 

 Little Birds at Espada Damn

I saw any number of birds that day, but couldn't get close enough for any great shots. I did get to spend a good deal of time watching these little guys fishing for bugs and such in the waters just below the damn.

Gordon Sez Don't Make Me Mad

I found this little man in the grass along the walk. How cute is he? If any of you know who this character really is, I'd love to know. But for now, I shall call him Gordon

Later, I took off on an aimless drive and found myself on the road to Floresville. 


It was a good day. 

This week was a good one. I celebrated my 52nd birthday, solstice, and the birthday of a friend. Now it's almost Christmas. 

I wish you all wonderful, magical days. And may you never want for parts. 

Love, Light, and Laughter,

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  1. You must come see me soon, I have a great new location for you that has a kingfisher who is there every time I go.. We also have a new drive to Wimberley that has a great view.
    Your little sister :) PS Gordon is great and I do see the terns....