What Does it Mean to be an Artist?

I've been thinking a lot lately about the nature of art. Even more, I've been thinking about what it means to think of yourself as an artist.

I have always loved taking photographs, and every once in awhile I'd take a photo that I really liked. I even thought that with enough time and the right equipment and training, I might make a good photographer. Well, in December of 2008, I called my own bluff and bought myself a good camera. I started to take it seriously right away, and by March of 2009, I had taken a photograph I thought was quite fine.

I was talking with my friend Patty about this photo tonight on my way home from the art show in Schertz. When I looked at this photo I thought, "This is good. This is art."  And from that moment on, I thought of myself as an artist. Sometimes I could barely say the word aloud. It's so nervy, isn't it--to call yourself an artist? 

So, I got my camera in December 2008. In March 2009, I took my first really good photograph. I continued to really work at taking as many pictures as I could, wherever I could until I first started showing my photographs professionally in June of 2010. In July of 2010, I joined my first artists' association. In November of 2010, I went to my first art show, registered a business name, opened a business checking account, and began selling my work online. 

So now I stand (sit) before you, an artist. Tonight I got home from the show and entered some more names on my list. I was thrilled to see that my mailing list now numbers 75 people. That's something of a milestone, don't you think? And tonight I'm holding my December drawing, so people may get the photograph by Christmas. "Holding a drawing" sounds rather grand compared to the reality. Actually, I just enter a code and "ask" my spreadsheet program to pick a random name. Tonight's first name? Patty Cooper. My dear friend. Well, I love the idea of giving Patty a photograph, but that is not the purpose of this drawing. So, next? 

I am pleased to announce that Rosalie Dill has won a matted copy of Passages. Rosalie, please send me your "snail mail" address so I may send you a copy. 

And don't worry about Patty. I'm sending/handing her a copy of the Lady of Guadalupe.
It's all good.
Love, Light, and Laughter,


  1. I still struggle with this (can I actually call myself Writer?)--and it gives me hope to see other women going through it and making it to the other side, claiming their Artist selves! Yaay for you! Such a beautiful post...