Birds, birds, birds!

Tonight Wren and I went for a walk along the river. We saw some wonderful flora, which I will share with you another time. Tonight, my friends, is for the birders.

I must tell you that I saw several birds I could not capture with the camera--including many field sparrows (who are notoriously shy) and a commerant--but here are some birdies I was able to photograph.

First, I ran across this lovely couple--they seem to be having a discussion at this moment.

Much further down the river we ran into a mother and child mallard.

We also saw a lovely little killdeer. I believe they don't actually kill any deer, but don't quote me on it.

We do have one mystery bird. We could not find an exact match for him (her). Some kind of heron, yes. We think perhaps a night heron? But I'm just not sure. At any rate, I was quite taken with this bird.

There is a prize for the first person to identify this heron correctly!

Finally, we saw this egret and his reflection. What a lovely animal!

It was a great evening on the river, we are both a bit sore from the walk, but we must "suffer" for our art, no? NO!

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