Thirty Day Challenge--Day Three

Day 3 -- A picture of the cast of your favorite show.

This is difficult because I'm something of a television junky. It is also difficult because I'm not sure I have a favorite show right now. There are several that I enjoy, but many of my favorite shows have recently been cancelled.

I really enjoyed "The Big C" on Showtime this fall.  Laura Linney is remarkable. 

And maybe this is the time of the smart blond for me because I love "The Closer," too. And, of course, it is in its last season.

And the cancelled show I will miss the most?

That would have to be "Caprica." Oh, I am sorry this did not survive beyond the first season.


  1. Okay, LOVE The Big C. And The Closer. And... had sort of a love/meh thing going with Caprica but really wanted to see it continue. Where have you been all my life? <3