Blanco Market Day November 20

Yesterday I got up early, packed up the car, and headed down the road to Blanco, Texas, with my good friend Patty Cooper.

Patty Setting up the Tent

We set up a tent on the yard at the beautiful, old Blanco Courthouse for Market Day.  While we were there, we met a bunch of neat people and ate some good barbecue. 

Karen at the End of the Day
photo by Patty Cooper

Unfortunately, we didn't sell much art. On the way home, Patty and I talked about this. We came to the conclusion that craft fairs, as much fun as they are, are not the right venue for our work. 

I have decided that I will be looking for fairs that focus more on fine art, rather than craft.

Patty and I are still planning to do the Windows on Main show in Monte Vista on Saturday December 4th and the Shertz Market Dayz on Sunday December 5th. And I am still going to Blanco on Saturday December 11th. Stay tuned for more information about these shows as the dates approach. 

Last night, as it was the full moon and I had several wonderful new people added to the mailing list, I did the drawing for the November gift of art. Congratulations Lorri Mach! You will be receiving a 5x7 photograph matted to 8x10.

November Field

I took this shot on the way home from the Market Day, and it seems like the perfect November gift. So, Lorri Mach, please send me your "snail mail" address, and I'll send this photo along to you.

Please check out Patty Cooper's wonderful art. I'm looking for the day that she releases some new music. As a singer/songwriter, Patty is a triple threat!

Love, Light, and Laughter to you all!

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