A Slow, Sweet Day November 24th

It has been a slow day at Nueva Street Gallery today, which has afforded me the opportunity to talk to a few art lovers, listen to some good music, and play with some photographs--always a good thing.

 Here's my little corner at the gallery--I am so grateful to have my photographs here. La Villita is, for those of you who don't know, a little arts village in the heart of downtown San Antonio. Just upstairs from the river and right down the street from the Alamo. It is the perfect place for any artist to show her wares. And Nueva Street Gallery is a wonderful space, full of light and a variety of contemporary art by Texas artists.

In this shot:
Jewelry by Constance Seiler, pottery by J'Nil Jackson, and photograph by moi.

This week I printed a poster of my photograph "Here Comes the Sunflower." (See above). It is the only photograph in my portfolio that I've done post-production work on--the only photo I've "doctored." Blown up to 20x30 it has a painterly quality that makes me happy. I may just have to hang this one in my living room!

Native Spirit

Here's my latest art photo from Mission San Juan Capistrano--you can find it in my "Missions of San Antonio" collection. I thought it was an appropriate photograph for this Thanksgiving week.

I hope everybody's having a good Tuesday! And I hope your Thanksgiving is full of joy.

Love, Light, and Laughter,


  1. oh, I love it! What a nice corner of art :-)

  2. Thanks, Janet. I keep thinking of that song from Cinderella, "In my own little corner in my own little room." But there is nothing Cinderella-ish about it. It is amazing to have my own wall.