Yesterday I took a bus downtown, walked around, and walked back home.  Along the way, I took some pictures.

Of course, no trip downtown is complete without at least looking at the Riverwalk from a bridge.

Barges Heading Out

It is rare to see a river barge that is empty. I can only surmise that these two are beginning their shifts. 

Puppets by the Alamo

There are dozens of shops near the Alamo that sell a variety of goods. If you're lucky, you'll find some of the state legislators hanging around (just kidding).

War Paint

I love this fellow's face paint. He was kind enough to let me take his picture as he leaned against a wall near Commerce Street.

On St. Mary's street near the public art gallery, I came across this bit of public art. 

I also met this man, who allowed me to take his picture. But just one.

617 St. Mary's Ave

For this, I have no words. 

San Antonio, the city of a million charms.

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