Second Friday

I am posting this quickly because I promised I'd post every day during lent. I'm sore and sleepy after being out at First Friday. I didn't sell anything there, but I met quite a few lovely people.

Since it was an evening show, my friend Chris brought over his theatrical lights. Boy, they worked. In fact, from a distance I thought the tent looked magical. I'll post pictures in the morning--right now it's off to bed. I've got the show tomorrow, which  promises to be busier! It's good to be busy selling pictures and talking about art to people!

Good night, sweet friends.

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  1. Michelle TarantinoMarch 12, 2011 at 8:04 AM

    Good luck, KJ! You deserve only the best. I admire you for getting yourself out there. I have been extremely lazy lately. Gotta get on the stick!
    Have fun at the show!