Sunday Driving

I was driving with a friend yesterday, and we got a little lost.

Stop! I said, when we saw this field. Stop, please! We overshot the field, but we did turn around for me to jump out and start snapping.

The field was full of Indian Paintbrush, Bluebonnets, Poppies, Flox, several varieties of Daisies, and other flowers I can't name--It was heaven! It was also full of bees, as you might imagine, but I'm afraid I didn't get any pictures of them this time.

Spring in San Antonio is the season that makes the heat of summer almost bearable. Especially a spring like this one--a spring that has seen rain and moderate temperatures. 

And so, as my friend sat in her car and studied the map, I stole some precious time to revel in the glory that is Texas after a rainy season. 

I returned to the field in the evening--just to get another bite of joy from my weekend.  Yes the light was fading, but the joy? That can only grow on a day like Sunday.


  1. A lucky wrong turn! Beautiful pictures.

  2. Oh, Thank you! You are my most frequent and loyal reader. And that says something, as I don't post very often!

  3. These are beautiful, Karen. Sometimes getting lost is just waht we need...

  4. Yes, Laura. It is indeed. I think that you, as a poet, understand the need to get a little lost more than most people.